One of the strengths of the new Quon range undoubtedly lies with the transmission. A selection of manual and automatic transmissions has been employed across the range to suit a range of applications.

There are three manual transmissions; the MTS75D 7-speed, the MPR90A 9-speed and the VTO2514B 14-speed. Only the manual boxes are synchromesh-type and features power shift, whereas the AMTs are non-synchromesh-type with improved PTO capabilities and innovative protection devices. There is also overrun protection on the 9 and 14-speed gearboxes, as well a planet gear with range lock function on the 14-speed transmission.


The automatic gearboxes were specifically developed to improve safety, overall economy and to offer the operators easy driving capabilities.


The ATO2612 group new automated manual transmission offers 2-pedal or clutchless operation through the innovative 12-speed ESCOT V gearshift mechanism. The ESCOT V transmission technology offers both power and economy in a wide variety of driving scenarios by increasing driving performance at low speeds at time of start, and reducing engine speeds in high gear at cruising speeds.


These automatic derivatives have innovative features like easy-hill-start; sequential shift, air-shift navigation, as well as an energy management feature that improves fuel economy in the top gear. Eco roll mode, for instance, engages the neutral position in order not to travel against engine compressions.


All these options are conveniently shown on a multi-functional display inside the cabin from which drivers can then select the appropriate mode.


The ESCOT V Automated transmissions also feature pressurised lubrication via the oil pump, ultra smooth clutch and launch control, auto-neutral engagement when the park brake is applied or if a gear is selected while the ignition is turned off.

ESCOT has been specifically designed for enhanced driver comfort and safety, lower maintenance as well as greater fuel efficiency.

Improved overall economy is also achieved in the process, as the Quon models with automatic transmissions are only scheduled for their first oil change at 390 000km, with oil change intervals set at every 390 000km thereafter.


Chassis & Suspension

The chassis packaging of the new Quon range was rearranged to achieve more commonality and uniformity across the range.

Improvements made on the chassis packaging include a lighter catwalk and a lower 5th wheel height on all 6x4 truck-tractors with mechanical suspension.


A special off-road chassis packaging has also been introduced on all models with the exception of the CW26 490 freight carrier, to suit the country’s unique operating conditions. This includes uprated front axle ratings, heavy duty front suspension and stabiliser, radiator protection, as well as a higher repositioned exhaust silencer and fuel tanks.


Air-suspension is provided by four bags with height adjustment on the GK models, so, as a result, 12R22.5 tyres are fitted on the rear axle. Two bags per axle are fitted on the GK models without height adjustment. The front tyres of the GK, as well as the balance of the model range are all fitted with 315/80R22.5 tyres.


Fuel tank capacities range from 800-litres on the 6x4 truck-tractors, to 300-litres on the CW26 370 tipper and freight carrier models, while all other models feature 400-litre fuel tanks.