The chassis, axles and suspension components are specified to suit the specified carrying capacity, performance and handling of each variant with due consideration for the myriad of applications that these units are suitable for, from refrigerated transport to medium haul cargo carriers.
With emphasis on safety and comfort, the cabin is well-appointed with streamlined ergonomics to ensure that the truck operates with ease. For additional driver comfort and convenience, the cab is fitted with an adjustable driver’s seat and column-mounted controls for lights, indicators, windscreen wipers and washers, as well as for the exhaust brake.

A rev counter with a specially marked green band has also been added to indicate the ideal revolutions under which the vehicle should be operated.
UD Trucks takes great care to ensure that we provide a high quality product to sustain our objective of providing the highest possible level of durability, and ultimately giving customers as much up-time as possible. The new UD Trucks MCV range offers customers versatility, quality and Ultimate Dependability in a highly competitive market.

• Excellent performance & economy
• Easy to operate and very manoeuvrable
• Versatile with multitude applications
• Driver comfort

UD Trucks’ heavy commercial range is geared to achieve excellent fuel consumption and gradeability, ensuring that a high average speed is attained to boost productivity. Like its siblings, these units are also available with an automatic transmission option.
This range of units provides transport solutions for nominal payloads from 6 to almost 11 tons. Their optimised wheelbases make them ideal for a range of applications; which include freight carriers that can be fitted with virtually any rear body, a dedicated tipper as well as conversions to truck tractors. Tag axle options allow for operation as a 6x2 with additional payload capability.
The class-leading performance of these units is achieved by the unique combination of engine power, transmission ratios and final drive ratio. With its proven flexibility and superb durability, this series is ideally suited to meet the needs of the distribution sector.
This range is truly a leader in its class.

• Leading economy & low lifecycle costs
• World-class quality and
• Durability
• All-round versatility
14 Variants with Manual and Automatic Transmissions were introduced to the SA Market on 8 March 2012. UD Trucks Southern Africa has launched the new generation of its Quon Extra Heavy Commercial Vehicle Range (EHCV). The range, consisting of 14 model derivatives intended for South Africa, will be introduced to the local market from March to August 2012.

The local company is also responsible for UD Trucks’ exports into 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and both right and left hand drive variants will be introduced into the region according to each territory’s market requirements.

All new Quon trucks sold from March 2012 will also be accompanied by UD Trucks’ new Managed Maintenance initiative – an industry first in South Africa. Through Managed Maintenance, UD Trucks provides the company’s complete management and overseeing of all repairs and service costs on behalf of its customers.

UD Trucks Southern Africa explained that with the launch of the new range, the company aims to increase its market share in the EHCV segment to 12%. In addition, as the country’s top truck exporter, we are targeting an expansion of our current volumes into our export territories.

In 2011, the local EHCV segment grew by 35.41% year-on-year to 11 503 units, with UD Trucks securing a 9.4% market share. The company anticipates this section of the market to reach a total of 12 932 units in 2012 – a forecasted growth of 10.96%.
UD Trucks has increased the number of Quon variants to cover more sub-segments within the EHCV market to meet market and customer demands.

Model Line-Up
The new UD Trucks Quon range of extra heavy vehicles offers a variety of manual and automatic transmission options that will suit UD Trucks’ customers’ unique business requirements
Testing & Development
The launch of the new generation Quon is the result of years of meticulous research and development. Tailor-made for South African road and operating conditions, the models launched locally are also the culmination of extensive customer feedback and local engineering trials.

Focus areas include driveability, the transmission systems and overall economy, and after thousands of kilometres of testing, UD Trucks believes the new Quon range also adheres to stringent local requirements.
The Quon range has always been designed and developed as a “smart worker” – a truck that works intelligently as part of a profitable transport solution for the owner. The design fuses UD Trucks’ tradition of environmentally friendly technology, with the smartness and stalwart power of a new-generation working truck that is endowed with high levels of intelligence. Ease of maintenance and operation was also key focus areas for the designers of Quon.
Cab/ Interior

Numerous enhancements have also been made to the Quon range’s cab to increase the driver’s safety, comfort and convenience.

This includes the user-friendly and convenient multi-functional display, intermittent wipers, as well as cruise control and keyless entry on the flagship GW26 490 TT model. To enhance the comfort inside the cab, the second bunk area has been improved from the previous generation with increased storage all around the cab.


A three-piece steel front bumper incorporating an air-dam is featured on all air-suspension models to enhance aerodynamics and stability by blocking the flow of turbulent air under the chassis.


Mass Ratings

With the launch of the new generation Quon range, UD Trucks Southern Africa has improved the mass ratings of its extra heavy vehicles.