All the models in the range have been fitted with the GH13 series, which was developed by UD Trucks using Group engine technology. The UD Trucks GH13 engine is a 13-litre in-line 6-cylinder turbo-intercooled engine. This is a EURO3 engine that offers a more environmentally friendly option as it decreases an operators’ carbon footprint. 

According to Richards, the new engine is a more efficient unit and as there is only one engine range in the series, fewer parts are required for stockholding purposes, resulting in more cost savings for customers. “The unit also boasts a flat torque curve which means less engine fatigue, particularly during uphill hauls,” said Richards. 

Within the Quon range, the GH13 engine is offered with three power settings: 

  • 270kW @ 1 800rpm and 1 754Nm @ 950 – 1 450rpm
  • 300kW @ 1 800rpm and 2 040Nm @ 1 050 – 1 400rpm
  • 360kW @ 1 800rpm and 2 448Nm @ 1 050 – 1 400rpm

The engine series features a newly-developed unit injector which increases the maximum fuel injection pressure to improve overall combustion efficiency, and also achieves low emission and weight reduction efficiency that lead to improved fuel economy.

UD Trucks’ Quon range also boasts a new Extra Engine Brake or EEB, which offers 1 470Nm of braking torque at 2 300rpm (redline is at 2 100rpm). The EEB design specifically utilises both the exhaust and the compression strokes of the engine to slow the vehicle down, and offers safer vehicle control on descents and slippery roads. 

This means operators will have a longer brake life on their vehicles and reduce driver fatigue specifically on long-hauls. 

Both the 14-speed manual and ESCOT V transmissions (with the exception of the GK17 410 AS TT) utilises a Voith retarder which has a braking torque of 3 250Nm.

Engine oil is filtrated by a two-piece full-flow long filters and a one-piece bypass long filter, which subsequently extends the service intervals of the vehicles to 30 000km for long-haul and 20 000km for medium-haul applications. UD Trucks advises customers to make us of UD Trucks engine oil that has specifically been designed to provide maximum protection for engine components by reducing wear and tear on engine internals.

The UD Trucks GH13 engine uses a Closed Circuit Ventilation system for crankcase ventilation and not an external breather as with the previous generation Quon’s GE13 engine. The heavy duty design turbocharger has specifically been designed and developed to be more durable. 

Higher capacity air compressors ensure quicker charge rates; 1-cylinder 530-litre/ min for the CW26 370 tipper and freight carrier models, and 2-cylinder 900-litre/ min for all the other models. 

Another innovative feature is the remote activated draining of the engine’s fuel filter water trap. The driver will be alerted by the multi-function display on the vehicle’s dash that the water trap needs to be emptied, which the driver can subsequently do by simply pressing a button conveniently mounted on the dash.