Requirements and Needs When Buying A Truck

When buying a truck it is important to keep in mind the specification and requirements of your vehicle. The following are steps to improve your buying power:

1. Think about your needs

  • Understand the type of load you need to carry
  • Think about how much you need to carry - average, high and low weights.
  • Think about the types of roads will you drive on
  • Understand how much fuel you currently use

2. Look at purchasing options

  • Understand which purchasing option is best for you outright purchase or leasing, new or used

3. Choosing your truck

  • Have a general understanding of the options available for key vehicle components and how they will affect your vehicle and its operation
    • Chassis
    • Engine
    • Fuel type
    • Transmission
    • Body
    • Cab
    • Tyres
  • Build up the vehicle to match your delivery needs

4. Compare the costs

  • Develop a short list of options and compare costs between them
  • Consider likely maintenance costs and potential resale values

5. Explore other options for saving fuel

  • Consider other factors which could impact on the amount of fuel you use in your operation
    • aerodynamic features,
    • IT systems,
    • ancillary equipment,
    • Fuel efficient driver training and idling reduction
    • Other less obvious options