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Nissan Diesel introduces new Quon UD330 Range

Date: 30 Sep 2009 Author Type: Press Release
Author: Nissan Diesel
Source: Nissan Diesel

Since the launch of the first Quon models in March 2008, Nissan Diesel has confirmed its position as one of South Africa’s leading extra heavy truck manufacturers.  The last two models of this innovative range to be launched in South Africa is the UD330 WM short/ medium haul mixer and the UD330WF short/ medium haul rigid freight carrier.

“As with all of the Quon models, with the UD330 range we took great care to ensure that we provide a high quality product that is able to sustain our objective of the highest possible level of durability, and ultimately giving customers as much up-time as possible,” said Johan Richards, chief operating officer of Nissan Diesel South Africa. 

Nissan Diesel incorporated the feedback received for customers and the market over the years, into the development of the Quon range.  Thorough research and development in Japan was also underscored by thorough local testing and engineering trials. 

“In addition, we have introduced various mechanisms to ensure that the cost of maintenance is competitive, as we want to contribute to our customers’ profit by providing dependable products and services.  Ultimately, we want to provide customers with vehicles that offer the best lifecycle costs for their specific application and operating conditions,” said Richards.

The UD330 Range

Nissan Diesel’s new UD330 range is replacing the proven and trusted UD290, offering improved performance, lower fuel consumption, higher safety levels and increased levels of comfort. 

UD330 WF
6x4 Freight Carrier
243kW, 7-speed transmission
Steel suspension
300-litre fuel tank
General freight/ construction and waste industries
 GCM up to 36 000kg

UD 330 WM SR 
6x4 Mixer
243kW, 7-speed transmission
200-litre fuel tank
Construction Industry
GCM up to 36 000kg

Both UD330 models are powered by a Nissan Diesel MD92TB 9.2-litre turbo intercooled engine that delivers 243kW of power at 2 220 rpm and 1 324Nm at 1 400 rpm.  This is a vast improvement in power (14%) and torque (10%) when compared to its predecessor, the UD290. 

This is also a EURO2 standard engine that offers a more environmentally friendly option as it was manufactured according to stringent exhaust emission specifications.  The engines used on the Quon range in Japan already comply with Euro 4 emission standards.  According to Richards, the company can only implement Euro 2 engines in South Africa as there is a problem with the quality of local diesel and its compatibility to the higher technology engines.

It has an electronic engine management system and common rail diesel technology that provides increased injection pressure and optimum performance and fuel usage.  Both models also have a lockable fuel cap that provides protection against fuel theft.

The UD330 range utilises a 7-speed Nissan Diesel MTS75D gearbox.  The UD330 WM also has a power take-off (PTO) mounted at the rear of the engine with a maximum output of 441Nm, which is available for continuous use.

Both models also have a new single plate clutch, the replacement of which cost much less than the previously used twin plate. It is air/ hydraulically assisted and allows for automatic adjustment.

Nissan Diesel also equipped the UD330 range with improved harness and wiring protection that includes additional sleeving inside the harness and thicker external safeguards in certain areas to better keep moisture out.

The range’s service brakes are dual circuit full air with ABS for additional safety.  Wedge type drum brakes are fitted all round, with spring brakes on the rear axles serving as emergency/ parking brakes.  The Quon’s engine brake utilises a remote mounted exhaust brake with engine decompression and is lever operated. 

Nissan Diesel’s UD330 range utilises taper leaf spring suspension with double acting telescopic shock absorbers and a stabiliser bar in the front, while trunnion-mounted inverted semi-elliptic steel leaf springs are utilised in the rear.

Safe & Driver-Friendly Cabin

Besides its modern styling, Quon’s true success starts in the cabin with its emphasis on safety, comfort and enhanced visibility. This totally new cab features some quite remarkable design changes. 

This includes enhanced safety for drivers and other occupants that include a shock absorbent steering wheel and column, door beam protectors, a toughened overall cabin structure and special protection for drivers’ knees and legs. 

Aerodynamics has been improved by tapering the sides of the cab by two degrees, resulting in less air resistance and better fuel consumption.  A new mounting system, which is 138mm wider, reduces pitching, shocks and vibrating of the cabin. 

The stronger and tougher cab is made from durasteel and carries a five year rust warranty. The Quon also boasts a strong bumper frame and steps, as well as a new high strength three-piece bumper with integrated lights.  For added safety and durability, Nissan Diesel has manufactured a stronger structure around the door openings, and installed a sturdy floor frame.  The first of the three access steps is also now fixed to the chassis for improved durability and lower maintenance costs, and a step lamp on the driver’s side illuminates the access area in darker conditions.

The rounded cockpit with ergonomic instrument cluster, offers ample space and storage that adds to the improved comfort and convenience of the Quon.  Its larger windscreen and side windows allow 180º of sight and therefore enhance overall visibility.  Not only is the windscreen larger, it has also been tilted 8º forwards, which allows for 115mm more headroom to the screen.  The side mirrors have been improved from a class two to class three, offering a bigger and better field of vision. 

Some of the convenience features within the cab include a new air-conditioning system, and electric windows.  Cruise control, central locking, a CD-player and cup holders with a hot and cold function are also included.  A special rear window finisher adds to the improved acoustics and quietness within the cab.

A lot of time was spent to enhance the ergonomics and use of space within the cab.  The steering is adjustable for rake and reach to ensure a good driving position. The redesigned driver’s seat with improved reclining and sliding angles, as well as increased lateral travel and armrests, provide a more comfortable and spacious area for the driver and crew.  The multi-assistants’ seat can be lifted up to provide standing room behind it and the backrest folds forward to create a flat surface next to the centre console. 

Careful engineering increased space within the cab without compromising safety or convenience.  The cab is now 51mm longer, there is 100mm more head clearance in the standard cab, 63mm more knee clearance and 235mm more headroom to the overhead tray. 

The cab can be tilted electro/ hydraulically and it is as easy as staring the battery-operated motor and watching it go.  The tilt angle has been increased to 65º.  In the event of dead batteries, a mechanical hand operated pump can be alternatively utilised.

Nationwide Support

There are currently 53 Nissan Diesel dealers in Southern Africa. 
Richards said that Nissan Diesel’s dealers remain committed to providing their customers with innovative transport solutions and service offerings, built on trust, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong technical skills set.
“With a long and proud history of 47 years in South Africa, and the full support of Nissan Diesel in Japan, our dealer network is as customer focused as ever, and being “Ultimate Dependable” in all facets of the business,” said Richards.”

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