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Date: 24 Nov 2019 Author Type: Press Release
Author: UD Trucks
Source: UD Trucks
The UD Gemba Challenge, a global competition to develop and demonstrate the service excellence of the frontline people in UD dealerships and workshops, is launched. This is the third competition since 2014 when the first was held, and more than 300 teams from at least 7 markets are estimated to join UD Gemba Challenge this year.

The UD Gemba Challenge is a perfect stage to showcase the competence and talent among UD colleagues, and to recognize the excellent work that is done in the Gemba every single day. Teamwork is an essential part of success in the workshop, and the UD Gemba Challenge is a team competition.

The participating teams consist of 3-4 frontline employees working as mechanics, parts representatives and customer service representatives. In the first two rounds of the competition theoretical questions that are technical, commercial and brand-related are completed. The best teams are then invited to the final, which will be held in Ageo in Japan in November.

UD Gemba Challenge --"Celebrating our Heroes"
Transport is the lifeblood of society. Without it, the societies we live in would not function. Every day thousands of our Gemba colleagues provide their professional skills and service to support the customer journey by securing uptime of their vehicles. They play a vital role in the society.

Furthermore, retail Gemba colleagues play a key role when customers consider purchasing their next truck. It is said that "Salespersons sell the first truck, but it is the service sales that sells the second truck". Because no one will buy vehicles from UD Trucks unless they are serviced properly, quickly and right in the first time. Retail Gemba colleagues are the heroes for UD Trucks, and for the society.

The UD Gemba Challenge 2018 is an opportunity to celebrate these efforts!
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