Welcome to UD Trucks

At any of our UD Truck NWT (Johannesburg, Rustenburg & Brits) branches you can expect outstanding customer service in all aspects of our business.
At each of our Branches we sell UD Trucks, Service UD, Renault and Volvo Trucks as well as supply Parts for UD, Renault & Volvo Trucks.
Our UD Trucks Sales division will assist you from start to finish with your every requirement. We are confident that with the range of UD trucks we have to offer will fit your every need required any business.
Service quality is an inherent strength of our technicians and contributes to our long term relationships with our customers. Know your UD, Renault or Volvo truck is in good hands with us. We recommend you make a small investment to routinely service each of your trucks by having extensive maintenance and repair work carried out when your vehicle is not in operation. Tips for your fleet.
Genuine UD, Volvo & Renault parts are a non-negotiable. Our facilities are well established along with our long standing supplier relations which can make all the difference in supply to our industry. We insist that all our Genuine Parts comply with manufacturer's specifications and are subjected to extensive testing.
“UD Trucks "remains dependable and professional. UD, evolving to UD Trucks, with more passion”